Balance of power

By Andrew Brinkley


What is the size of the country's area?

  • 6.602 million sq miles (17.1 million km²)

    Russia is huge and has tons of resorces.Due to climate not all of Russia is inhabitable but the vast majority that is is plentiful therefore they can grow easily

  • What is the population of the country?

    143.5 million people populate Russia and with all Thea's people there bound to be powerful

    How well educated and united is its population?

    Russia is very well educated and it has a mostly united country and because of that they are smart and through working together they can be more powerful

    How large and well equipped are its armed forces?

    Russia's army is massive and due to it's emended size it gives Russia the ability to take over other smaller contrys if they wanted to

    What are the country's physical features

    The major physical features of Russia are the North European Plain and the West Siberian PlainRussian physical features are divided basically into 3 parts : European Russia Western Siberia - Between

    How productive is the country's economy?

    Russia's economy is stable and maintainable with no huge pressing issues and due to this they can sustain during war