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September 17, 2014

“By comparing one child’s performance to a clear standard, parents, children and teachers all know precisely what is expected. Every time a student attempts a task, the performance is compared to the standard, not to other children’s performances. The most important advantages for children and families are fairness, clarity, and improved learning.” ~ Doug Reeves

Standards Based Grading

The purpose of standards-based grading is to accurately communicate achievement of the standards to students, parents, and teachers. Parents can see which standards students have mastered and which ones need reteaching and relearning.

Grading Categories

Our class grades are broken in to three categories: Assignments, Learning Targets (LTs) and Standards. Below are details about each.

Assignments - 10%

Tasks in the Assignments category use the traditional points based system, not the Standards Based Grading Scale. Tasks in this category may include, but are not limited to, homework, classwork, projects, and other non Standards Based assignments. Assignments in this category are not accepted late nor allowed partial credit (with the exception of projects).

Learning Targets - 20%

This category is comprised of quizzes that are made up of one or more learning targets. There are four questions per learning target and the respective grade in IC is determined by the number of questions correct (i.e., four questions correct = 4, 3 questions correct = 3, etc.); however with the same rubric details listed under the Standards category. This category allows retakes however the student must demonstrate adequate remediation prior to the retake; the retake must be completed prior to the unit test. Also, please consider that a retake does not have to be granted and the retake may be in a different form than the original assessment.

Standards - 70%

The Standards category is comprised of summative assessments such as unit tests and the midterm. These test often assess more than one standard, depending on the size and scope of the unit. The grade in Infinite Campus is determined by the students demonstrated understanding on the assessment; the respective grade in IC will be shown using the following rubric/scale:

  • 4 – Masterful Work: In addition to exhibiting level 3.5 performance, the student’s responses demonstrate in-depth inferences and applications that go beyond what was taught in class.

  • 3.5 – Above Proficient Work: The student’s responses demonstrate no major errors or omissions regarding any of the information and/or processes.

  • 3 – Proficient Work: The student’s responses demonstrate only minor errors.

  • 2 – Emergent Understanding: The student’s responses indicate major errors or omissions regarding the more complex ideas and processes; however they do not indicate major errors or omissions relative to the simpler details and processes.

  • 1 – Significant Gaps: The student provides responses that indicate a distinct lack of understanding of the knowledge. However, with help, the student demonstrates partial understanding of some of the knowledge.

  • 0 – Did Not Attempt: The student provides little or no response. Even with help the student does not exhibit a partial understanding of the knowledge.

The Learning Target quizzes directly feed into the Standards assessments in the sense that the material shouldn't be new or a surprise. The LT quizzes should be a good indication of how the student will score on the unit test.

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Additional Grading Need-To-Knows...

  • The Midterm is a heavy weighted grade included in the second quarter. It goes under the "Standards" category because it is a summative assessment. The Midterm will cumulatively assess the student's knowledge from the beginning of the school year through quarter 2.

  • The FINAL is worth 20% of the entire course. It holds the weight of a "fifth quarter" and needs to be thought of and treated as such. The final has the ability to make or break an overall grade. Please don't lose sight of this throughout the school year. The final will cumulative assess the student's knowledge from the beginning to the end of the school year.



I will have grades updated weekly, with rare exceptions such as holidays and illnesses. Please make it a habit to regularly check your student's grades via the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. I will help your student sign up or access their own grades if they wish; you should contact Judy Wilson, Attendance Coordinator, for parent access.

It is the responsibility of the student to decide which Learning Targets or Standards need to be reassessed, complete a remediation task and/or tutoring, and then sign up and complete a retake. I will provide remediation support, whether it be tutoring, videos, websites, practice, etc. as needed/requested. With that being said, it is expected, and my professional goal for the year, that 100% of my students (all classes) will achieve proficiency (at least a 3) in 80% of the standards covered in their course. I will provide updates to this goal throughout the year and expect that we will all do our part in ensuring that our entire class body is successful.

Make-ups can be done before or after school however students must sign up in our room to ensure that I am available and have their respective assessments ready. I am available most days before school and a few days a week after school. This information is posted in the classroom at the beginning of each week.


Tutoring is offered in room 536 (also known as the Math Lab) every morning from 8:05a - 8:25a. If I am not working in the Math Lab I will be available most mornings in my classroom for tutoring from 8:00a - 8:25a, and a few days in the afternoon (varies weekly but most likely Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. This information is posted in the classroom at the beginning of each week.

Just like Make-ups, it is best if your student signs up for tutoring to ensure that I'm available, but if they have a last minute question please encourage them to stop by. If I'm not available, the Math Lab (room 536) should be their next option.


And the Titan September Teacher of the Month is...

Thanks to you I was recently nominated and chosen as the 2014 Titan September Teacher of the Month. I was nominated by a colleague but I say thanks to you because I am constantly inspired by OUR kids! They motivate and challenge me in a different way every day. I keep telling them we are going to do amazing things this year and if this is any indication of how this year will shape up, I can't wait to see what's next!

Also, in case you didn't know, you can nominate one of your student's teachers in the front office.

Just in case you've ever wondered why #mystudentsarebetterthanyours ...