Using Document Cameras Effectively


In this course, you will learn how to use a document camera effectively in an online environment. You will explore ways to incorporate document cameras in a virtual setting and will practice using a document camera for synchronous or asynchronous lessons.


By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • identify classroom uses of a document camera
  • describe how you will use a document camera in virtual learning
  • connect a document camera to your laptop
  • make a screencast or Google Meet recording using a document camera

Explain & Explore

Read the articles and watch the videos below. Find out the purpose of a document camera and various methods of using it in remote learning. Regardless of whether you are presenting live lessons in Google Meet or pre-recording sessions in Screencastify or Loom, learn how to connect your document camera to your laptop to display images, text, and other objects while teaching.

DC193 How to Add Document Camera Source on Google Meet | Lumens
Using A Document Camera In Google Meets
Using a Document Camera with Screencastify

Identify Uses

Having explored the instructional possibilities of document cameras, let's brainstorm ways you might use one to teach students. Open this Padlet and add at least two ideas to your grade level section.

Check for Understanding

Take this check for understanding to see how much you learned in this course.


Reflect on what you have learned about this course. How will you implement your learning in the classroom? Fill out this course evaluation with your reflection and suggestions.

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