Summer 7th Grade Science - Week 2

June 13 - June 17

Focus Point: Working Ahead

There are some times when you will need to work ahead. There are also some good reasons to work ahead. However, there are also some times when working ahead is not a great idea. See the tips below regarding working ahead of schedule.

Good reasons to work ahead
  • You have travel or other obligations coming up and need to get ahead
  • You want to stay one day ahead of schedule so you have time to ask questions and deal with unforeseen issues
  • You have spare time and have been doing well/enjoying a unit

Times when working ahead is discouraged

  • You are doing poorly on tests and quizzes - this tells me you should slow down and spend more time in content
  • You still have assignments from previous due dates that you haven't submitted
  • You are not going through the Content (I can tell how much time you spend in Content) - reading through the module is crucial to success on quizzes and tests

Featured Students!

No one completed last week's chance for extra credit in the Featured Section. Remember, I will not do extra credit at the end of the course. If it's going to happen, it happens as the course goes - so it's best to do it now in case you need it later!

Want to be featured in next week's newsletter? In the "Extra Resources" section below, complete the BrainPop quiz and send me your results. You can do this by taking a screenshot of the results page and submitting it to the Dropbox folder titled "Cell Structure" under Extra Credit.

Your performance on the quiz can earn you up to 10 extra points on the Cell Structure and Function Test on Monday! This extra credit assignment is due by Sunday, 6/19/16 by noon.

Cell Structures Unit Resources

Use these to study for your Cell Structure and Function Test coming up tomorrow!

Human Organ Systems - A Preview and Review

I suggest you watch the following video on Tuesday before you start this unit (Preview), as well as on Thursday before you take the Unit Test (Review). Tune in to the Synchronous Session on Wednesday at 12pm ET for a Unit Review as well!

Human Body Systems: The 11 Champions (Updated)

Fun Fact about Mrs. N

I am a certified scuba diver! I received my certification when I was just a few years older than you are now - I was 15. My favorite spot to dive is the Florida Keys, and my dream diving vacation is to the Cayman Islands and Great Barrier Reef in Australia!