Copyright Licenses

Drew Parker

1. Public Domain

The public domain license is not protected by the copyright laws for one or more reasons copyright has expired, made with public money, or donated to the public domain

Example - Classical literature and classical music

Benefit - It supports a cause

2. Freeware

Software that is free for you to download, copy, and share

Example - Itunes

Benefit - Free to download but they still make money

3. Shareware

Copy share and use for free but only a limited time, full access you have to pay for it

Example - Lite Apps in the app store

Benefit - Test out before purchase

4. All Rights Reserved

Only allows purchaser to use the software as it said in the license agreement

Example - In a new computer, you have to agree to it

Benefit - License can say almost anything

5. Open Source

Software that includes source code with idea that someone will improve it

Examples - Chrome, Firefox, and Linux

Benefit - Allows people to be creative and make it their own or improve it