Toucans are native to South America. Their habitats include tropical forests, savannahs, and shrublands.

Color Patterns:

There are over 30 species of toucans, with varying color patterns. The usual toucan is black with a yellow chest and a colorful beak, with yellow, orange, black, and red. Other toucans have blue on their body, and colors can vary a lot.

Varying in sizes:

Females and males vary only in size, and not in color. Chicks are much less colorful and have smaller beaks. As they grow, they develop more colorful feathers. Females are slightly smaller than males, but there is no great physical difference between the two genders.

Female Toucan

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Toucans travel in small flocks, which allows them to defend each other from predators. They also nest in holes, which covers them fully, protecting them from weather, predators, etc.

Behavior of the Toucan:

There are no unusual behaviors observed of toucans in the wild, although sookepers have found that they are very tame and calm in captivity.
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