Holly McPeak

She may be short but.........

Who is Holly McPeak?

Holly McPeak was a Olympian,Holly McPeak has 72 career beach volleyball and $1.4 million USD in career earnings,which places her third and second respectively of any woman in the history of pro beach volleyball players. She also won a bronze medal at the 2004 Summer Olympics.


Holly McPeak was born on May 15,1969 (age 46) in Manhattan Beach, California. Holly signed with the California Golden Bears out of Mira Coast High School. In the 2000 Summer Olympics Holly McPeak Came in 5th place


in 2005 Holly McPeak teamed up for 2006 season. After one of her teammates left. Holly McPeak was planning to retire in 2008 AVP season. In 2014 she served as a sand volleyball analyst.


She was introduced to the Volleyball Hall Of Fame, In 2009. Also earning All-Pacific-10 first-team honors. She also ran the '90 championship run

What is she known for

Being in the Summer Olympics for volleyball. Also she is in the Volleyball Hall of Fame! Now she is retired though.

Extra Tidbits

Holly McPeak married a guy named Leonardo Armato.But People call her by her madien name McPeak