Time When Faith in Europe Restored

A Flash from the past, The Renaissance is here!

What we will be featuring!

In this expo we will have the inventions of the Renaissance era and who invented them at the time, with the new need to learn and advance into the future.

A Blast From the Past

Tuesday, Nov. 5th, 7am to Monday, Nov. 25th, 10pm


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We will Be featured in the exhibits.

Gun powder and Artillery in Europe. William Congreve.

Early submarine. Cornelius Van Drebble.

The Telescope. Hans Lippershy.

Printing Press. Johann Gutenberg

William Congreve

Although gun powder was already around in China, William used this and made it more accurate by using a long tube to fire projectiles far more accurately and chanced wars ever since. With the changing of wars, medicine and new strategies had to chance to keep up.

Hans Lippershey

He used the idea of the microscope to invent a instrument that is used to enlarge far away objects.

Cornelius Van Drebble

Leonardo had already drew out the basic design. But Drebbel had built the first submarine that could be under water for a few hours, and only went about 15ft underwater.

Johann Gutenberg

Created the first movable type in Europe. with this it allowed information to be traveled far faster than before.