Mathematics Resources

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The Desmos Graphing Calculator This is an easy-to-use graphing calculator. It is easier to see and interact with than your normal graphing calculator

Geogebra Geogebra is an interactive software that can analyze geometry, statistics, and even calculus. It is a very useful tool for explaining these concepts. Check it out!

Wolfram Math World Wolfram Math World has information on so many math concepts, especially ones taught in K-12. From simple addition to calculus, Wolfram Math World has it all.

Crappy Graphs This site allows you to make some very interactive graphs from line graphs to venn diagrams with your own titles and information right on it.

Online Chart Generator Online Chart Generator is a simple website that allows you to make different types of charts from pie charts to graph charts. This can be done by simply using a few drop-down menus.

AAA Math AAA Math provides thousands of interactive lessons from estimation to algebra. It is free to use, so use it often!

Easy Maths This South African Community website for teachers, parents and students is complete with lessons, tests, exams, worksheets, study skills and much more.

Cool Math This fully interactive site and allows the user to sharpen basic math skills, play games and explore new math concepts.

Math League The Math League, designed for students in fourth grade through high school, specializes in math contests, books and computer software. The “Help Facility” is handy reference guide for math topics complete with examples, definitions and explanations.

Funbrain This site includes 17 original games based on soccer, car racing and much more Other games include Math Baseball, where a child can score runs with correct answers and Operation Order, where students can build pyramids with their knowledge of algebra.
The Beauty of Algebra

The beauty of Algebra

Why the abstraction of mathematics is so fundamental.
Calculus I in 20 Minutes (The Original) by Thinkwell

Calculus I in 20 Minutes

You can learn calculus in just 20 minutes! You can do it!
What is Calculus?

What is Calculus?

This clip provides an introduction to Calculus. More information can be found at
What is Statistics?

What is Statistics?

This clip provides an introduction to statistics. It is quite entertaining.
Maths Tutorial: Trigonometry SOH CAH TOA (trigonometric ratios)

Math Tutorial: Trigonometry

Further Maths Tutorials, Module 2: Geometry and Trigonometry. SOH CAH TOA is a mnemonic used to remember the trigonometry ratios; sine = opposite over hypotenuse, cosine = adjacent over hypotenuse, tangent = opposite over adjacent.
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