Quetzal News

March 3, 2022

From Ms. O's Desk

Dear Quetzal Families,

We closed a very successful month of February, the month for Kindness! It is with great pleasure that I share with you the results from our Kindness Challenge. Our goal was to show kindness to our environment by donating funds to Team Seas. Every single dollar will help clean one pound of trash from a river, beach or ocean around the world. Our students and community collected $892 that will support our marine life. Thanks for helping us teach our students to be kind to the environment.

March celebrates Women History Month. As I think of this, so many positive models come to my mind. This is a great opportunity to talk with your children at home about role models that have inspired you in your life. Check out the Library of Congress resources on this topic.

Grit is the value for the month! Some people say that grit is a synonym for perseverance and resilience. Grit is the ability to keep working towards a goal overcoming challenge and sticking with it even when it is hard. This is a wonderful value to have in life. Please team with us at home and help us model grit to our students. Here are some key points to support our children:

  • Help your child find purpose be creating a board with their goals and steps to achieve them.
  • Encourage them to conduct "grit interviews" to family members, neighbors, and friends who have worked hard towards a goal.
  • Share with them stories of "gritty" famous people.
  • Teach grit through nature. For example, you can read the poem, "The Rose that Grew from Concrete" and discuss about it.
  • Teach Grit through literature. One good book for this is "The Little Engine that Could".
  • Ask, "Why is it hard?" Once you identify the difficult part of it, discuss ways you can overcome the difficulty.
  • Follow the "hard thing rule": each member of the family has to try something hard; you must complete what you start; no one picks the hard task for someone else.
  • Share your passions with your family and let them know why they are so exciting.

In an effort to have knowledge of the number of students who have been vaccinated at our school, please upload your child's vaccination card on PowerSchool. You can easily upload the card. Please remember to use a small size image, so it can be uploaded to the system.

Project Cornerstone Needs Parent Readers NOW!

*Both Spanish and English speaking volunteers are needed

As you know, we can have select volunteers back in the classroom IN PERSON. Would you like to be a reader or just learn more about the Project Cornerstone reading program? Please attend one of the following virtual Zoom meetings. Read a book, change a life.

*all readings, trainings and materials are done bilingually

Monday March 7 @ 9 am


Monday March 7 @ 5 pm


Wednesday March 9 @ 9 am


Our Read-a-Thon starts next week! Please encourage your child to read both in English and in Spanish! This will be lots of fun! I have read 7 books this year already! We will also have some incentives for this challenge.

If you would like to become a volunteer for Project Cornerstone or Read-a-Thon, please let me know. I can guide you through the process.

Next week, we will continue to have our Parenting Workshops with Ross Schickler, from Palo Alto University. He will be talking about "how to deal with difficult behaviors". Join us on Wednesday, March 9th, at 6pm.

No Open House Events This Year

Our schools will not be holding Open House events on March 30 and 31, as we traditionally do. COVID precautions prevent us from bringing many additional people on site, and we are not able to provide a robust virtual Open House experience.

We certainly will miss seeing all of the amazing work from our students and teachers, and look forward to a time we can gather to celebrate students’ work.

Have a great weekend, stay healthy and be safe.

Ms. Olaciregui, Principal

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March 3

  • ELAC Meeting @ 6 pm
March 8

  • School Site Council Meeting @ 6 pm

March 9

  • Parent Workshop - Session#1 @ 5:30 pm

March 14

  • Staff Professional Development Day - No school

March 16

  • Parent Workshop - Session#2 @ 5:30 pm

March 17

  • ELAC Meeting @ 6 pm

March 23

  • PTA General Meeting @ 6 pm

March 29

  • Cafecito with Principal O. @ 6 pm

March 30

  • Parent Workshop - Session#3 @ 5:30 pm

District News

No Open House events this year

Our schools will not be holding Open House events on March 30 and 31, as we traditionally do. COVID precautions prevent us from bringing many additional people on site, and we are not able to provide a robust virtual Open House experience.

We certainly will miss seeing all of the amazing work from our students and teachers, and look forward to a time we can gather to celebrate students’ work.

Update On Mask Mandate

Even though the state will be downgrading face-mask requirements to a strong recommendation for indoor areas (with some exceptions) beginning on March 12, our students will still be required to wear masks for the near future. To learn more about the timeline and factors MVWSD is considering to determine when/if we make changes to the mask requirement, please click here.

Parcel Tax Oversight Committee Seeks Community Representatives

MVWSD needs your volunteerism and time. Please consider serving on the Parcel Tax Oversight Committee for the Measure B Parcel Tax.

The District is seeking two individuals to monitor, provide oversight, and ensure accountability to the funds received by the District, including an annual report to the Board regarding the actual uses of such funds.

Applications can be mailed to: Mountain View Whisman School District, Attn: Dr. Rebecca Westover, Chief Business Officer, 1400 Montecito Ave, Mountain View, CA 94043 or emailed to rwestover@mvwsd.org. Application: http://mvw.sd/PTOC

Questions? Please e-mail Dr. Rebecca Westover, Chief Business Officer, at rwestover@mvwsd.org.

Health and Wellness Parenting Tip: Calming Your Mind

When we feel stressed, our minds tend to jump to the past (I should have...) or to the future (What if...?). The problem is that we cannot change the past nor control the future. Focusing on the present can help us take control of our current situation and help us feel calmer and more relaxed.

Watch this video to learn more about how mindfulness can help you (or your child) be more present and relaxed.

To calm your (or your child’s) mind:

  1. Look around you, and name five things you see. Pick one object, and describe what it looks like, what color, what size, and what shape it is.

  2. Look for four things you can touch. Pick one of those items to touch, and describe how it feels.

  3. Name three things that you can hear. At first, it might seem that there is not much to hear, but listen carefully. Focus on one sound, and describe it.

  4. Look for two things you can smell. Focus on one smell, and describe it.

  5. Find one thing you can taste. Focus on the taste and describe it.

You can repeat these steps every time you feel stressed to come back to the present moment.

Get your tickets to the MVEF Spring Gala “The Art of Words”

Join MVEF on Saturday, April 23 for a lively evening that includes dinner, fundraising, and trivia in support of our schools. Individual tickets are $125. (Reduced to $110 until March 20!) Join us from home with a single virtual login for trivia plus access to online fundraising for $50. Find more information at https://www.mvef.org/ or https://secure.qgiv.com/event/mvefgala/

Mentor Tutor Connection Volunteer Information Session - March 8th

You can change the life of a student! Come learn about volunteer opportunities to Mentor high school students and Tutor students in grades K-8 in our Mountain View and Los Altos schools. Becoming a Mentor or Tutor will add joy to your life and help a student in our local community to a brighter future! There is no obligation to sign up as a volunteer. You're welcome to just come and learn more about what we do.

Date: Tuesday, March 8th

Time: 5:30 - 6:30 pm

Location: Online via Zoom (URL provided upon registration)


Questions: programs@mentortutorconnection.org

Information: MentorTutorConnection.org

If you are interested in learning more about the program but cannot attend the information session, please email programs@mentortutorconnection.org for information on how to proceed.

March CAC Announcements

SELPA 1 CAC and the Learning Challenge Committee are your groups for special education and broader learning challenge needs. If you have questions about learning challenges and special education needs, email selpa1cacinfo@gmail.com or check out www.selpa1cac.org

3/7 Monday 9 am General Parent/Community Meeting with Special Ed. Directors & Staff, Zoom at 9:00 am for LCC and 9:10 am for CAC. We will be planning for the year, discussing upcoming programs and discussing distance learning and learning challenges. For our agenda, please join our Google group, https://groups.google.com/g/selpa1cac. For the Zoom link for this meeting, Register: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0vfuqqrDIpG9adTFakjeylekd_SlDHtlCb

3/8 Tuesday 10 am - Parent Chat - Support for parents of teens with mental health challenges. A great place for help and support for challenges with your teens. Please contact trudy.palmer@me.com for Google Meet invite.

Parent Education Event - “FINDING SUCCESS WHEN NAVIGATING CHALLENGING CONVERSATIONS" - this is an alternative dispute resolution training with help from the county SELPA

3/16 Wednesday 7:00-8:30 p.m. Register in advance for this meeting: https://sccoe.to/SELPA1CAC_ChallengingConversations. Attendees of this interactive training will be introduced to a prep-sheet that was inspired by the “Getting to Yes” workbook by Roger Fisher and William Ury. This tool has helped many IEP team members have successful meetings by preparing thinking through interests, options and bringing legitimacy to requests. It is the goal of this training that attendees will leave feeling more prepared and confident for the next IEP team meeting. To be facilitated by Purchin Consulting.

3/30 Wednesday 17-8:30 pm Evening Let’s Talk - IEP/504 support group. Have questions about the process to get help for your child? Have an IEP but are not sure how to make changes? Need to vent? This is your confidential group. Register here: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYrce6qrz8vGdNbIywjg1vppQq3tHwvruYI

City of MV Summer Camp Fair

The City of Mountain View is holding a Summer Camp Fair on Saturday, March 5 from 9 - 11 a.m. at the Mountain View Senior Center. Learn more about summer camps & swim lessons, meet camp staff and drop-off registration for spring & summer programs. Please see the attached flyer for information.

Free CHAC Self-Care and Resilience Workshop

CHAC Family Resources Center is holding a free online Self-Care and Resilience workshop for parents and caregivers on Fridays from March 4th to April 22nd from 1:00-2:00 PM. This course will provide participants guidance and strategies regarding how to guide children to express their feelings in a non-aggressive way, be more resilient, and teach children to build up relationships. To register, contact Lin Xu at lin@chacmv.org or (650) 967-4813.