The Diary of Anne Frank and Night

Claire McCleary 2

Elie and Peter

Elie tends to hold in his emotions even when facing fear. He has a sense of hope that keeps him going, and he tries to stay strong for his father and him. Everyone in the concentration camp is scared but Elie maintains to stay focused on doing his work and getting out alive. "Don't cry, Yechiel" I said. "Don't waste your tears..." "I had ceased to feel fear."

Peter is very shy. He tends to stay in his room with his cat and doesn’t usually speak unless spoken to. He can be very opinionated but he usually keeps to himself. "He is a shy, awkward boy of sixteen."

Peter doesn’t express his feelings with those around him. I think this is very similar to Elie’s personality because he also keeps his emotions to himself in the concentration camps. They both aren’t very talkative, and hold on the the hope that the war will end and their families will be okay. I think they tend to stay strong for those around them and for themselves.

Auschwitz and hiding

When the Franks go into hiding they don’t know what to expect. They learn that they will need to ration, not run water, use the w.c, etc. because they are at risk of being discovered. The family is very scared because if they are found they could be killed along with the ones who helped them. "I don't want you ever to go beyond that door." "For the first time, Anne realizes what going into hiding means."

When the Wiesels are sent to Auschwitz and separated they realize that it could be the last time that they see their family. They are now being forced to work or they will be executed. Elie and Mr. Wiesel don’t know what has happened to the women in the family, so all they can do is stick together and hope that they aren’t split apart. "Eight short, simple words. Yet that was the moment when I parted from my mother."

I think both of these events are similar because it caused the families a sense of chaos and fear. The families were not informed about what was really happening so they were even more shocked when the war became such a horrible reality.

Mr. Frank and Mr. Wiesel

Mr. Frank is the "leader" of the group in hiding. He is very orderly and wants to keep his family alive during the war; he has created an elaborate scheme so the Nazis are sent looking in the wrong direction. "She said you must have escaped to Zurich." "Father put that there purposefully... just so people would think that very thing."

Mr. Wiesel is very well respected in Sighet. He was separated from his wife and daughters and now he will do anything to prevent being separated from his son Elie. He holds in his emotions so that he is strong for Elie and the others."The Jewish community is Sighet held him in the greatest esteem."

Both of these men are alike because they will do anything for their families. Mr.Frank has put their entire family into hiding so they might survive the war. Now that Elie and Mr. Wiesel are in a concentration camp, Mr.Wiesel is trying his best to keep him and Elie alive.

Mr. Dussel and arriving at Auschwitz

When Mr. Dussel comes to live with the Franks and Van Daans, the families ask about friends and how they are. Mr. Dussel explains that they had been sent to concentration camps. The families were shocked by how crucial and serious the situation had become. "We didn't know that things had got so much worse."

When Elie and Mr, Wiesel arrive at Auschwitz they learn about what's in store for them. They didn't know that they would be put to work or executed. Now, both of them had realized what horrible things would take place in the next months. "Haven't you heard about it?" "No we had not heard. No one had told us."

Both of these situations are alike because they show that Jews were often uninformed about what was happening and were even more shocked and scared when they found out. The Nazis had been providing a false sense of hope that everything would be alright when in reality everything was in chaos.