Granger School Weekly Newsletter

November 2-6, 2020

Planning Ahead/Friendly Reminders

Nov. 2-15 Scholastic Online Book Fair

Nov. 2-6 Red Ribbon Week

Nov. 23-27 Thanksgiving/Fall Break

Dec. 9 CALENDAR CHANGE: Full/Regular School Day

Friendly Reminders:

*Spirit Sales Fundraiser every Friday. Items $1-$2

*Regular school board meetings are the second Wednesday of each month. For information from the meetings, please refer to the school website, under Board of Trustees, then Agendas & Minutes.

*There is a $35 replacement cost for lost or damaged laptop chargers. Barcodes on school issued property must not be removed.

*All students are issued a laptop which will reflect on their library status. Students Pre-K-4th attending school on campus will keep their issued laptop in their homeroom.

Red Ribbon Week

Monday - Wear Red

Theme: Send your drug-free message

Tuesday - Dress as Your Future Career

Theme: Stick to Your Drug Free Future

Wednesday - Wear PJ"s

Write Out Your Drug Free Dreams

Thursday - Favorite Story Character

Live Your Drug-free Fairytale

Friday - Wear Neon

Pop Out in A Crowd, Show You Are Drug-Free

*All outfits must meet school dress code!

Why Red Ribbon Week?

Red Ribbon Week is the nation’s oldest and largest drug prevention awareness program.

Red Ribbon Week started after the death of Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena, who in 1985 was brutally murdered by drug traffickers he was investigating in Mexico.

After his death, people started wearing red ribbons to honor Kiki’s sacrifice. Today, millions of people celebrate Red Ribbon Week by wearing red ribbons, participating in community anti-drug events, and pledging to live drug-free lives.


Halloween Covid Style

Put the stress and worries away and celebrate, covid safe style! These guys did not disappoint. The only thing infectious were smiles and laughter!

Big picture


Winter will be upon us officially Monday, December 21 and we already have a menagerie of coats, hats, and masks. Any of these look familiar?

Big picture
Big picture


*Remember to check school website, Dojo, Email, Facebook, Twitter, and Remind for any last minute changes due to situations beyond GISD control.

Virtual Pep Rally: 3:15-3:40 See school website for link

Renaissance Universal Screening

MOY 4 week testing window: January 18-February 12

EOY 4 week testing window: April 5-April 30

ASVAB Test Sept. 23rd

Secondary Bell Schedule

Jr. High Class Periods

1st 8:00-8::45

2nd 8:55-9:40

3rd 9:50-10:35

4th 10:45-11:30

Lunch 11:35-12:05

5th 12:10-12:55

6th 1:05-1:50

7th 2:00-2:45

8th 2:55-3:40

High School Class Periods

1st 8:00-8:45

2nd 8:55-9:40

3rd 9:50-10:35

4th 10:45-11:30

5th 11:40-12:25

Lunch 12:30-1:00

6th 1:05-1:50

7th 2:00-2:45

8th 2:55-3:40


· Pre K - 1st 10:30-10:55

· 2nd-4th 11:00-11:25

· 5th - 8th 11:35 - 12:05

· 9th - 12th 12:30-1:00



8:55-9:40 Steffek

1:05:1:50 Horak


8:55-9:40 Repa

1:05-1:50 Mr. Irisawa

2:40-3:10 Mrs. Irisawa


8:55-9:40 Vanek

1:05-1:50 Michalik


8:55-9:40 Marek

1:05-1:50 Sessums


8:55-9:40 Chapman

1:05-1:50 Ivicic

2:55-3:40 Ms. Kubacak

School Board:

Tommy Filla, President

Timmy Tidwell, Vice President

Sandra Carpenter, Secretary

Chelsey Ellison, Member

Scott Murrah, Member

Daryl Stefek, Member

Mark Harwell, Member

Class Sponsors


Lyndsey Reed, Stephen Brosch, Jessica Ivicic, Eric Johnson, Alyssa Wade, Brent Holubec


Seth Terry, Tracy Terry, Lisa Repa, Jimmie Baker, Anissa Lopez


Jordan Hafley, Tawnya Shirocky, Quinlan Kubacak, Mari Buenrostro


Carol Sameniego, Cole Lowry, Jennifer Lane, Jolene Volek

Helpful Links:

Scholarships and Academic Counseling Service link:

Accelerated Reader Bookfinder:

Video guides to college financial aide:

Overview of the Financial Aid Process :

How to Create Your FSA ID :

2019-2020 FAFSA Full Walkthrough :

After the FAFSA: What Happens Next :

Parent resource on E-Cigarettes and JUUL prevention:

Resources and outreach available to students, teachers, and the community:

*Intervention Services: Alana Arndt on campus daily during the school year for individual/family therapy and support (512-713-9886)

*Mobile Outreach Team: available for mental health crisis and can offer mental health resources in Williamson County area. (512-864-8277)

*The Christi Center: Offers free, ongoing support groups for adults grieving the loss of a child, spouse, parent, sibling or other loved one. (512-467-2600)

* Bluebonnet Trials 1-800-841-1255

*Crisis Hotline Text 741741

*Crisis Hotline 1-800-273-8255

***Laptop Loan Agreement:

***FRIENDLY REMINDER*** There is a $35 replacement cost for lost or damaged laptop chargers. Barcodes on school issued property must not be removed.


Practice the Big 4 NPI's (Non-Pharmaceuticals Intervention)

1. Limit social contact and always be mindful of your distance.

2. Wash your hands all the time.

3. Wipe all touch surfaces.

4. Wear a mask to protect yourself and others.