Visiting the School

Family members are important to our school community and are welcome as long as their visit is considered to be friendly and beneficial. Edison welcomes family volunteerism, assistance in the classroom, and observation of your child in the instructional setting. In order to keep a record of your visit and for the safety of all our students, you must sign in at the office immediately upon entering the school. A Guest Pass will be issued to be worn during the school visit. If you need to speak with a teacher regarding your child’s progress, homework, behavior, etc. please call to make an appointment. The teacher will not be able to hold conversations/conferences during instructional time.


Edison staff and the Parent Group welcome volunteers! Any adult working with students, during school time or after school, must have an Application to Provide Volunteer Services Form on file. Criminal History Background checks are required annually of all volunteers. Please be aware that it may take up to two weeks for your volunteer application and background check to be processed. These policies are in place to guarantee the safety of your children.


Birthdays and Parties

Several times during the school year, classrooms may plan small whole-class celebrations (Valentine’s Day, project presentations, the end of the school year, etc.). Please do not plan birthday parties during the school day. You may only bring birthday treats to school to be served during the student’s regularly scheduled lunchtime. Birthday parties are family celebrations to take place at home. Invitations to parties outside of school should not be passed out at school unless everyone in the class is invited to the party. If you are inviting only a few school friends to an event outside of school, please mail or email invitations to each child’s home. Special gifts, such as balloons or flowers, should not be delivered to school. They will not be sent to the child’s classroom because they are disruptive to instruction. Helium balloons are not permitted in school at any time due to high ceilings.

Prohibited Visitors

In order for the staff at Edison to prevent a parent or other person from visiting or picking up a student, the custodial parent/guardian must provide a court order stating that the named person cannot have contact with the child.