Forensic Analyst

Annie Guenter

Forensic Analyst

A forensic analyst is someone who works within the justice system providing key evidence to criminal investigations.

Their responsibilities include:

  • Classifying and performing tests on evidence that is lifted from a crime scene. The evidence must be handled and stored with care according to established procedures.
  • They prove the existence of a crime and make a connection to a crime through information and expert opinions.

Schooling needed

A forensic analyst must have a strong background in all areas of science and math. Communication skills are also very important because the information must reported in writing and in person. They must also have either a Bachelor's, Master's, or Doctoral degree, depending on which career they want in forensics.


Salaries depend on the type of agency employing the analyst. Analysts that work in local government settings earn an average of $54,990, while an analyst that works for the federal government earns around $95,240.

Where they should live

Most of a forensic analyst's time is spent inside a laboratory. At other times, the analyst must go to a crime scene to collect evidence. They could live anywhere where there is crime and in a location that has a laboratory.
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