Three Branches of USA Government

Legislative Branch, Executive Branch, Judicial Branch

Executive Branch

The president runs the Executive Branch and also commands the Military. The president also carries out Federal laws and if that one law has to be changed the President gets to choose what that law is going to be changed to.The vice president is basically the one who is generally the second in command in an organization. The vice president also takes the presidents job if the president gets either vetoed or can no longer do the big job.The department in the executive branch helps the President with laws or anything that he could really use some advice on. The Federal Agencies help basically to carry out or get rid of the policy that needs to be removed or whatever and the Federal Agencies also provide special services. The Executive Branch has power over The Judicial branch. Because it can vote out laws.

The Legislative Branch

The Legislative branch is made up of the Congress and The Government Agencies. So basically to mini branches to put it in more understandable words. The Office that helps the two mini branches out is the Government Printing Office and The library of congress. One of the Constitution articles gave the legislative branch permission basically to make laws of its very own. The US Congress is made up of 2 parts, which is the House Of Representitives and the Senate. The two parts meet up in Washington DC. The Congresses main duty is to write, debate, and pass bills, after the Congress does these 3  things they will be passed on to the president for approval (accept). After the Congresses 2 years are over new members that would like to be in this Congress will be elected. Right now we are at our 110th Congress. This Congress at least meets once a year, usually it only last about 2 months but if needed the time will be longer.The Legislative branch has control over the Executive branch because it does not have to vote for the president.  

Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch is the Government that is made up of the court system. In the Judicial Branch is the Supreme court, and the Supreme court is the highest court in the land. One of the articles in the Constitution made this Court and all other Federal Courts. The courts make the meaning of laws instead of inforcing and making them. The Judicial Branch also finds out if that law is against the constitution. The Supreme court has over 7,500 cases a year, But usually only 80-100 cases are accepted! If the Supreme court makes a option that another Supreme court does not like then that court has the right to change it.  The Judicial branch has power over the Legislative branch because it has more members