Miami University- Oxford

"Make it real at Miami"

Miami's Mascot

Miami University's mascot is Swoop the RedHawk which came about in 1998 after a controversial debate over using Native American mascots. After several years the mascot was changed from the Miami Red Skins to the Miami RedHawks.

About Miami University

  • School Colors: Red and Black
  • Location: Oxford, Ohio
  • Type of School: Public
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Interesting Facts about the University

  • Welcomed first students in 1824
  • Nicknamed "Yale of the West"
  • Benjamin Harrison, past US President, attended and graduated from Miami University
  • The University Seal is located in the middle of the campus and it is legend that if you step on it you will receive bad luck in failing your next exam. The seal is located in the picture below.
  • Another legend is that if you rub a head of one of the turtles on the Tri Delt Sundial you will receive good luck and get an "A" on your next exam. The famous sundial is located in the picture above.
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