By: Austin Miller

Facts about Respect

- Respect: an act of showing regard for someone or oneself.

- Respect can be gained by your actions.

- Respect can be shown by not damaging other's property.

Ways in which you can promote Respect

- Establish guidelines for yourself and others to follow.

- You can promote respect by listening when somebody is talking.

Why is Respect important to the student body

Respect is important to the student body because with out respect students wont follow rules. It would be mass caos, teachers would not be able to teach because students dont want to listen.

Consequences to the student body when Respect is abused

When respect is abused then students cant learn in the classroom. However respect goes beyond the class room without respect ever one would put each other down. Students wont feel important, a simple thank you can go along way to make some ones day and make them feel good about them selves.