Creators of America

By: Rachel Kaulis


Slaves maintained America by,doing work for these owners. In the begging of the revolutionary war 20% of the population was slaves. The punishments for slaves were very rough. All of the things slaves did made them who they were.

Who were they

John Hawkins brought the first boat of slaves to America carrying 300 people. The slaves were captured from Africa and brought on a boat to North America. They were forced to work with out pay and were not allowed to run away. Slavery started in the Northern colonies, but as the Southern colonies were founded , slavery became a big thing down there.
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Punishments and Rules

Punishments and rules were something all slave owners had so the slaves would obey. When some slaves were bad they got whipped and then were put in a smoke house which was considered smoking them. When a slave tried to run away the owner cut of an arm or some other body parts. It didn't madder if the slave was a boy or a girl they still got whipped and some received up to 200 lashes a week. There are tons of rules and punishments to live by and if you don't follow them you will have consequences.

What Did They Do?

Slaves had a lot of work to do and had to work all day with very little breaks. Kids were younger but that didn't mean they could slip by they had to work almost twice as hard as the adults. Slaves that worked in fields were called field slaves, field slaves worked harder than any other slave. House slaves worked in their owners homes and did house work like laundry and cleaning. On every Saturday the slaves had a square dancing competition as a little break.


The slaves were hard workers, not treated with respect. Also they had to go threw horrible times. Many people used slaves during the Revolutionary war in the 1700s All the punishments they had to face were cruel and mean. Our country is the way it is now because of the slaves. Though the slaves had a rough life they made our country and made us who we were today.
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