Alzheimer's disease

Also known as AD

Alzheimer's is a genetic disorder in the gene Apolipoprotein E (APOE) and can be detected by a specialized blood test.

The main symptom of Alzheimer's is the severe memory loss. This disease affects the older population, they are usually older than 60 years old. Studies show that woman are more likely to get this disease but everyone is a candidate. It is dominant.

There is no treatment for people with Alzheimer's when they are young. When the child grows older and the symptoms begin to show they should start to take medication. They will live with this disease for the rest of their live because there is no cure and there i no preventing it.

If you have this disorder you can have children but there is a chance of them getting the disease as well. Currently we know a lot about Alzheimer's yet we still don't see a cure coming soon.