per-sports expatations

xitlally de la cruz 4 period

Pre-sports expatations

Pre-sports is getting you prepared for P.E.So if you want to play volleyball, basketball and track! it`s fun we practice passing, surving and playing! We also have to be fit and able to move and get the ball we have to work as a team for volleyball, basketball and track. on some days we practice basketball and track. And have good sportment ship always.

DRESS OUT: you have to wear a gray T-shirt and royal blue shorts the shorts can't be too short!! if you don't have clothes you will have to be punished. like doing 20 pushups or worst.

LOCKERS: you will have 1 locker in pre-sports just 4 your shoes, knee pads and your shirt and shoes and if you want you can get perfume so you wont smell like sweat.

HEALTH DAY: health day is a day that we do vocabulary 4 volley ball in the other room.