Things you don't know about England

By:Alexander Elmore

the country basics:

The name of my country is England, and the capital of my country is London, and the flag below this text is the England flag. The location of my country is the European continent and were I gotten it from was the island google maps. My major landform was the first bout to go to the civil war. My country's government is a menarche and it is a limited government. there main export is - manufacturing goods, machinery, fuels, chemicals

food, beverages, and they got tobacco. and there imports are - manufacturing goods, machinery, fuels, and they had to get foodstuffs. there major language was Briton

English. there religions are English and roman catholic. and my food example is salmon kedgeree. and my general is it is some times sunny and some times rainy. and I chows 2 things about there language and those to thing are, there languages interesting to me, and the seconded thing is there government is coiled roman catholic, and all the web sites that I used are and world fact book.

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