The Migrant Struggle

by: Teri Hall

The Boy and The crisis

The European Union is struggling to deal with the thousands of migrants fleeing to Europe to escape middle eastern wars.

The photo of a toddler's body washed up onto a Turkish beach, it is a haunting reminder of the dangerous journey of the thousands who didn't make it in their attempts to seek safety.

There have been many unfortunate events that have happened to the migrants from the Middle East. The bodies of more than 70 migrants were found in a truck near the Austrian village of Parndorf, a discovery that shocked everyone.

Even though it is too late for migrants such as Aylan Kurdi, on the left with his brother in this photo, his death could help to change public views in Europe to do more for migrants. As hard as the image might be to look at; putting a face on a tragedy can be a powerful way of making people take action.

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Here is a better explanation.

Europe struggling to handle migrants fleeing the Middle East - FoxTV World News

I just ask that you pray for these poor people


As you may know there are wars going on in the middle east. As a result many people are seeking safety for their families and themselves. Thousands of migrants are fleeing to Europe in search of a place to stay away from all of the chaos. In the process of their migrations thousands of lives are lost. The union is trying to contain the migrants and handle the situation but as of now they are struggling to keep everything under control.

During all of this chaos a little boy named Aylan Kurdi was killed. He and his family were seeking the safety of Europe but unfortunately he and his family didn't make it out in time.

My question is; how do these people sleep at night knowing they can help but they aren't?

They are just turning their backs and covering their ears. Do they not have souls? They know this is wrong and in my opinion they need to try harder to help these people. All these migrants want is something we have everyday; safety.