Algal Biofuel


Algal biofuel is less complicated than other kinds. Algae has no growing competition because it can grow where other crops cannot such as in the ocean. It can also grow all year long.

Like other plants, Algae relies on sunlight and warmth to grow and cannot be grown in cold and darker areas such as the U.K. Another disadvantage is the cost; it is quite expensive to harvest algae in general.

The Ultrasonic Method; One Way To Extract the Oil From Algae

Did You Know?

Algae is 50 times more productive a biofuel than traditional crops.

Algae is important to humans in the form of food and medicine.

Fossilized algae can be used to make dynamite.

Algae is not actually part of the plant kingdom; it's in the kingdom Protista.

What Qualifies a Biofuel?

A biofuel is fuel that comes from, and is made of, living matter.
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Company Ideas

If a company bought the rights to our biofuel, we do not think it would be a good idea for them to go ahead and move it into production because they are still testing algal biofuel. It is said to take five to ten years for algal biofuel to be usable.