News from CCSD15 Board of Education

May 9, 2019

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Potential Park Place school discussion continues

At its May 8 meeting, the Board of Education continued its discussion about the possibility of opening a new K-6 elementary school in northeast Palatine, using the former Whole Foods location in the Park Place shopping center.

The additional school building would allow for students living in northeast Palatine to have a school closer to their homes, and would also open up enough classrooms across the district to offer full-day kindergarten district-wide. The board approved a preliminary real estate contract with the developer in April. There is a contingency period in place to allow for a deeper examination of the proposal without adverse monetary impact if the board decides to back out of the deal.

Financial Considerations

During the May 8 Board of Education meeting, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Scott Thompson gave a presentation regarding the financials related to the project for the board's consideration.

The latest concept for the potential school is a K-6 facility serving 750-800 students. The building would accommodate 30-32 classrooms, a community school, a library (in partnership with the Palatine Public Library) and a 2-acre play field.

The purchase price of the building is $4.1 million with an estimated $13.8 million in construction costs to turn the building into a school. District 15 would transfer the real estate contract to its construction company, which would own the building and lease it back to the district. With one-time start-up expenses like furniture and playground equipment, the total first year opening costs would be $20.3 million.

Ongoing annual operating costs for personnel, utility and supply expenses total $1.2 million. If the board decided to offer full-day kindergarten in conjunction to the new school opening, there would be an additional $1.3 million in personnel expenses added to the annual budget, for a total of $2.6 million in additional annual expenses.

Revenue Sources

There are several possible revenue sources to offset the costs of the building, including life safety bonds, TIF funds and the possible sale of the District 15 property on Ela Road that were presented to the board as options. These revenue sources could potentially offset the cost by $8.1 million.

Next Steps

The board is still in the discussion phase of the project. No final decisions regarding the proposal have been made at this time. Board members will continue their discussion about the potential Park Place school at the June Board of Education meeting. If the new school concept is approved by the board, the earliest it could open would be the fall of 2021.

New administrative hires approved at May 8 meeting

The Board of Education approved the hire of three new administrators at its May 8 meeting:

  • Amber Danielczyk, Jane Addams Assistant Principal
  • Angela Gallegos, Frank C. Whiteley Assistant Principal
  • Rocio Fischer, Assistant Director of Second Languages

Read more about the new administrative hires by visiting our website.

Hunting Ridge, Winston Campus Junior High share school improvement plans

Winston Campus Junior High and Hunting Ridge Elementary School provided the Board of Education with an update to their School Improvement Plans at its May 8 meeting.

All District 15 schools have been working through a process called "Data Wise," which was developed by the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Data Wise supports educators in using collaborative data inquiry to drive continuous improvement of teaching and learning for all students.

School Improvement Plan presentations for are available to view online for Winston Campus Junior High and Hunting Ridge Elementary Schools.

Student groups recognized by Board of Education