A Peso for Viejo

Rebuilding lives in Barotac Viejo, Iloilo after Yolanda

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The Good

Barotac Viejo is called the "Gateway to the North" because it serves as an entrance to the other rustic, northern towns in Iloilo such as Ajuy, Sara, Estancia and Carles. But with its many waterfalls and tourist farm resorts, Barotac Viejo isn't simply just a doorway to other towns. Worn-out urbanites call it their getaway from urban confusion. And for a thousand Aetas (indigenous people), they call it home.

The Bad

Yolanda (international name: Haiyan), the strongest super typhoon in 2013, battered Barotac Viejo on November 8, Friday. The pummeling damaged communication lines, roads, homes and livelihoods. Not many satellite towers and electrical lines have been restored as of now.

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The Ugly

There are 26 barangays in Barotac Viejo, the top three affected barangays alone account for nearly a thousand devastating structural losses.

San Lucas - 338 totally damaged houses
Santiago - 235 totally damaged houses
Lipata - 230 totally damaged houses

(More info on the damage)

You can rebuild people's lives inch by inch through sharing whatever extra or little money you have. Anywhere from P10 to P1000 will be appreciated. For help coming abroad, your $5 will go far.

Batak Barotac, an ad hoc volunteer team organised by Tin Buenavista et al. for those affected in Viejo, will focus on providing relief operations this coming Saturday, November 16. We'll start with a far-flung barangay from the town center of Barotac Viejo, Sitio (mountainous area) Ugasan, which is most likely reached by aid last. We hope to treat Sitio Ugasan as our adopted community. Thus, as long as funds can provide, our relief efforts will continue week after week.

Whatever amount you will share will be spent on buying necessary commodities (food, water, construction tools, cooking utensils etc.) badly needed at this point in time. Your monetary help can be sent in person (if you're living in Iloilo City I will personally go to you just text me) as well as thru the Philippine National Bank, Paypal, Xoom, Western Union, etc. Account details below.

See Our First Relief Op!

You can see pictures of our first relief operation here. Provided food, blankets and clothes for 57 families in Brgy. Insang-an, Sitio Ugasan.

See Our Second Relief Op!

Provided relief goods and pad papers & pencils to Sidlangan as well as vegetable seeds to Nagpana.

  • Santiago National HS (assisted in the purchase and delivery of school supplies for 50 students)
  • Rizal Primary School (school supplies kit for 40 pupils)
  • Sitio Alang-alang, Brgy California, Btac Vjo (2 sacks of rice and 25 blankets)
  • Sitio Insang-an, Brgy. Ugasan, Btac Vjo (vegetable seeds)
  • Sitio Nagpana, Brgy. Lipata, Btac Vjo (rice and vegetable seeds for 110 households)
  • School Kits for 40 pupils - Rizal Primary Schooleach kit includes: A.5 writing notebooks, 1 pen, 1 pencil, 1 box of crayons, 1 pad paper, B.5 composition notebooks

We also accept other forms of donations. Please contact us on Facebook for your questions and concerns. Text the number provided if you want a meetup in order to give a donation. Thank you Fran Flores Dima-ala and Jin Peralta for the images.

Batak Barotac

Volunteer group formed for the benefit of the typhoon afflicted in Barotac Viejo.