Girls on the Run!

Week 1

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So excited to get started...

We had SUCH a fantastic first week with your girls. They came to practice each day excited, open, and ready to well as run! At the end of each week you will receive a newsletter that summarizes the lessons we completed and the topics we discussed.

We believe the way to make the girls' experiences truly meaningful, they should be hearing out GOTR messages outside of the 3 hours a week we are together. We hope you take a few moments each week to review our newsletter to understand what we have discussed. This will allow you to have an open and honest conversation with your daughter and continue to discuss and practice the messages and skills we discuss each week.

Both Mrs. Scott and Mrs. Capotrio will also receive our newsletter to keep up to date on major themes and to stay connected to help support the girls throughout their daily lives in school. Jenn and I have found the girls to be so open and honest and willing to talk about the hard stuff. We hope to continue this process each session and keep creating an awesome, supportive, happy, kind team of Girls on the Run!


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Girls listed things that help them stay positive and plugged in to the GOTR cord...check out our poster above!

Lesson Overviews

Lesson 1: Getting to know each other

This week our objective was to get to know each other as a team. We learned about what Girls on the Run is all about. We talked about how each of the girls has unique gifts and talents and that we should celebrate that diversity. The girls were introduced to Energy Awards. At the end of each lesson either the coach nominates, the girls choose, or a girl can nominate herself for an Energy Award. Energy Awards are a fun way to honor positive actions or behaviors. When girls are honored by coaches we ask them to say one reason we might have nominated them, a big part of GOTR is teaching girls to honor themselves, their talents, and their awards help the girls find their inner confidence and see their own great qualities and actions!

Connect with your girl: Ask...what are some qualities you already had inside that match the GOTR expectations? (positive, supportive, kind, inclusive...)

Lesson 2: Plugging in to the Girls on the Run Cord

During Lesson 2 the girls were introduced to the concept of visualization. They talked about the difference between positive and negative thinking. They learned about purposefully plugging into the positive Girls on the Run cord each day. We described this cord as a glitter-filled, shiny, happy, positive vibe-filled cord plugged in to their heads that fills them with the GOTR spirit. We talked about how some days we wake up plugged in to a not-so-beautiful plug but it is our CHOICE to give in to those feelings or to "unplug" from that cord that makes us feel crummy and choose to plug in our glitter-filled GOTR plug! A huge part of GOTR is teaching girls that each day they have a choice to be a GOTR; kind, supportive, happy, hardworking, and positive to name a few.

Connect with your girl: do you feel when you are “plugged into” the positive Girls on the Run cord? Ask...have you ever ever felt like you're plugged in to the not-so-beautiful plug? Ask...what choices can you make to get plugged back in to GOTR plug?

Keep conversations going at home to reinforce our skills and concepts each day! Please feel free to reach out to Jenn or myself to discuss!

Dates to Keep In Mind

3/28 Monday - Practiced Canceled for Spring Break

5/14 Saturday - Practice 5k here at CBA 9:00 am

6/4 Saturday - GOTR 5k @ Henderson HS
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