Ancient Greece

By: Jeremy Riha


I picked out these three topics to lean more. Did you ever wanted to know more about Ancient Greece. Did you know that slaves eat two meals a day. Men and woman have there own apartment. Well developed civilation.

The Beginnings of Ancient Greece

This all started between 1900 ,1600 BC. The Ancenten Greece came from grass land. Then they entered penisula from the north. They were well developed civilization . Greeks invades are like barbarian.

Slavery in Ancient Greece,

A big part of the slaves were not free. Two fifths of the people were slaves. Some slaves were not cheap. Some of the slaves were mean to other slaves. The miners had barley any light to mine.

Daily life in the Age of Pericles

Did you know that the slaves eat 2 meals a day? There is only two story house made of bried bricks , no windows on the first floor. The men and woman have there own apartment . Did you know that the woman stayed home and do house work? And the men went to a marketplace .


I learned a lot about Ancient Greece. It all started between 1900 and 1600 BC. They came from grass land . Greece invaders are like Barbarian. They entered the peninsula from the north. The reason that I pick these three topics is because I wanted to learn more about when Ancient Greece began and more reasons why I just wanted to learn more about this subject.


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