Becoming a Computer Chip Designer

Electrical Engineering is a fun and varied carreer

I have always wanted to work in the sciences

When I was kid

  • I had fun with a chemistry set
  • I built a crystal radio
  • I always got A's in math

Inspired by the likes of Galileo, Newton, and Einstein

These are the greatest scientists of all times. They were smart, innovative, and revolutionary!

Some of my top jobs included: Electronic Circuit Design, Computer Programming, Semiconductor Physics, Chemistry, Product Engineering

I found these jobs to be challenging, diverse, and rewarding.

What I did...

AP classes in High School

UC Riverside - chemistry major

Cal State Chico - electrical engineering major (BSEE)

UNM - Computer Science

It Worked!!!

I worked in all aspects of computer chip design for 35 years. I travelled all over the world. I made enough money to retire early and pursue my other hobbies.