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3rd Grade

September 24, 2013

Curriculum Corner

Reading: We are continuing to read Stone Fox this week. We are reading chapters 5-6 this week. There is no vocabulary quiz. The kids will be working on a vocabulary project on Friday. There is no need for them to memorize definitions but we will be incorporating these words into the project. They will be able to use their journals with the definitions to help them.

Math: We will begin multiplication this week and will continue with it over the next couple weeks. The best thing you can do at home is help your child memorize their facts 0-12.

Topic 5 in the Pearson Math Text Book covers multiplication and offers good practice. All students should have brought home their login information!

Science: We will be alternating science and social studies. We will do 2 weeks of science then 2 weeks of social studies. This will give us an opportunity to go deeper with our science and social studies topics. The next 2 weeks will be science. We are beginning to learn about animals and how they are classified. We will start this week with invertebrates in vertebrates.

Important Academic Dates

  • Tuesday and Wednesday September 23-25 Salt Dough Project Begins
  • Wednesday September 25th-Stone Fox Comprehension Quiz Chapters 1-5 Open book Quiz
  • Friday September 27th-Short Multiplicaton Quiz covering the concepts we have learned so far
  • Wednesday October 2nd-Invertebrates/Vertebrates Quiz
  • Thursday October 3rd-Stone Fox Cumulative Vocabulary Test- This will be an open book, open notes test. Not every word will be tested, just a select few.
  • Friday October 4th-Stone Fox Final Cumulative Test

Important Dates

  • October 6th-TCE Carnival


  • Please return the HAC form that was inside the report card envelope if you are having trouble logging in.

Resource Schedule

  • Monday Sept. 23:Nothing
  • Tuesday: P.E.
  • Wednesday: Art
  • Thursday: P.E.
  • Friday Sep. 27: Nothing

First Mate!

Congratulations TYLER DINGMAN! He is our new FIRST MATE! He is very deserving of this title, if you need help Tyler is there! Tyler's willingness to help others is extraordinary. I believe he is truly satisfied when he is able to help others be successful! This trait is far beyond the years of an average 3rd grader. Tyler takes education seriously and it shows each day he is at school. Thank you Tyler for all you do to make our class a wonderful place to be!