The Anawims: where all are welcome

Jessica Tuminello and Kayla Darsam

Mission Statement

As Anawim's, we humbly and meekly bow ourselves down before God. We follow and worship the Messiah faithfully.

Why join?

Our group not only offers a humble experience, but we help others keep a humble nature. This group is willing to help others out with overcoming pride and self-respect. Be prepared to have an experience of a lifetime! Joining this group, you will be guaranteed a loving relationship with God.

We are different

You don't want to be a Sadducee because they're so sad to see! As Anawim's, we offer a belief in the Messiah. Serving Him humbly is the best way to go!

Psalm 37:11

"The anawim will inherit the earth and will delight themselves in abundant prosperity."