No Teacher Left Behind

Better Teachers Make Better Educators

Learning Opportunities for Teachers

Teaching begins with learning, and no one is ever too young nor too old to learn. Teachers can not afford to see themselves as teachers alone, but as continual learners as well. The education of our students today and future students tomorrow, are influenced by how each teacher creates and maintains his or her learning environment each and every day. Thus, they must be given the opportunities to refresh on foundational skills, learn new and creative ways to educate, collaborate with other teachers and strengthen 21st Century skills both as a learner and as a teacher.

Annual seminars, lectures, and conferences offer these types of learning opportunities in all types of styles, fashions and preferences in order to interest, inspire and motive teachers to excel in their teaching. Thus, it is vital that employers demonstrate their support to their employees by providing the time and funding to ensure that their teachers are able to attend and come back the better for it.

Standards to Learn and Live By

In order for learning environments to excel, teachers must be accountable to a standard which demonstrates their commitment to education. Every good teacher understands that in time, everything changes, and as a committed teacher knows, he or she must change as well in order for his or her students to excel in the environment he or she creates.

Just as students are expected to be at certain levels of understanding and abilities in certain times of their development, teacher should be help accountable to a standards that they learn and live by. ISTE provides such a standard that inspires and encourages teachers to be better teachers. For more information and upcoming conference go to

No Teacher Left Behind

Teachers are valuable! They are multitasking every minute within their classes and deserve our respect. Take the time to appreciate and thank the educators that you know today. Just as every child deserves the opportunity to learn and excel, every teacher deserves the opportunity to grow within his or her teaching.