repopulating fish species

by: Kolin Thomas

what is the probelm

there aren't enough of fish for certain species like blue and flathead catfish in stockten lake.

why is this a problem

this is a problem because if there aren't a certain amount fish species then people can't keep them or have a small limit. this is bad because people live of this lake and they make there money by selling fish and if there aren't fish to sell they won't have any money.

how would i solve this problem

i would solve this problem by searching for different businesses and buying certain amounts of certain species of fish and releasing them into the lake and ask for a size limit and the amount you can keep.

why is my solution best for polk county

i believe that polk county has lakes that do not have as many fish as they should because people fish them a lot. if there are to many fish being taken out or eaten by other fish they can't survive. according to aquaguide stocking " the reason bullheads and flathead catfish don't survive is because bass eat them when there small" (2014).

project ideas

i could have a fundraiser or even have a fishing tournament.


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will my solution solve this problem

i think it will because i have done a lot of research on how to solve this and how to make it work.