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Publication 5 : 9/9/2019

Our journey... #180daysofwhy...#studentsareourwhy.....#thisiswhywedothis

The Power of ONE Caring Adult

Notes from Dr. Miller...

First full week....#GATORNATION is readyyyyyyy for SUCCESS .....Ohhhhh Yeah!!

Thank you all for engaging in our GFS expectations lessons...from kinder to eighth grade and all subjects. As I walked the building each morning it was awesome to hear teachers modeling and students engaging in dialogue and reflection around the guideline trait of the day. As we continue to embody the language of GREEN, be sure to reinforce GFS through communication with students (below are examples):

-Thank you, Logan, for embodying neighborly communication with your tablemates.

-Thank you, Karrie, for being reflective on your decisions in the bathroom, it is always important to be ethical.

-I love the way, Norma continued to demonstrate grit in building her tower of success.

School-wide Expectations:

  • Completing the last GFS - Schoolwide expectation with "N" Neighborly on Monday, 9/9. Don't forget to display your posters and charts you have created in your room as a reminder of expectations to students.
  • Relationships...relationships...relationships: You have been so amazing in the manner in which you are establishing and building your learning community. You are getting to know student names quickly, most of you have made contact with parents already, and being so positive in your daily interactions with students, families, and staff.
  • What a great start of the year we had. Keep that energy going and spreading positive feelings. We all grow and thrive in a positive environment!

Proud to be among #TEAM Gompers

Damita - #thatcaringadult

Funes' Gators are building their way to SUCCESS!!!

Staff Collaboration

Instructional Focus Area

Walkthrough Noticings....along with Clarity of Daily Learning Intentions examples

Walkthrough Noticings:

- Even in the heat...students are focused

- Focused daily learning opportunities are underway

- Structures and protocols for daily routines are being cemented for success via CHAMPS

- BOY Assessments are underway and almost complete

- Opportunities for students to engage in discussion around topics of study

- Use of graphic organizers via thinking maps for students to organize their thinking and understanding

. Community circle, Morning Meeting and (Closins Circle) observed in a couple of rooms....I love, love, love this practice

Beginning and ending each period (MS) and or portion(s) of the day's schedule(ES) with the learning intention: What, Why and How is key!

Not only is it important for students to know what they are learning, why they are learning and how they are showing understanding(success criteria) but it is equally as important for the teacher to be mindful of knowing if students got it. In daily/weekly planning, assessment of the day's learning is the beginning stage vs the ending stage in planning.

Look at these examples for daily learning intentions:

1:1 Data Meeting

The NEW LROIX Data Dashboard

Click the embedded link to view the LROIX video:

This document should be completed prior to the meeting with Dr. Miller. Click the embedded link to view the GOOGLE form for the data meeting:

Click the embedded link to view the Google doc for the schedule:

STULL Participants for 19-20 - 9/16

Annual Meeting for participants to review the process for observation and evaluation, Monday, September 16 @ 8:10 - 8:40

Click Embedded link for names:

Back to School Night - September 17, 2019

LBUSD U6: Creating a Caring Culture and Climate

Rules mean nothing without RELATIONSHIPS

Big picture

School Leadership...........

Understanding what is SHARED Decision Making? 9/18

Come hear a presentation by ERO and TALB on what is shared decision making? What and how might it be beneficial to implement as we move forward in the next journey as a school community.

9/18 @ 7:45am (Voluntary but paid attendance)

Please note:

1. All are welcome to attend.

2. Once the presentation has concluded, there are specific steps identified for moving forward with an SDM committee at Gompers.

LBUSD, School Deadlines, Protocols and Structures......

Pictures of #GatorNation....are always welcomed!!!

Please send me pictures of happenings in your classroom..does not have to be a "big" project just the kids learning. I use these for the weekly bulletins (staff only) and also add these to the yearbook grade level sections.

Send them to my email:

Please join the Gompers PTA..they do so much for our school. $10..Our goal is 100% for staff!!!

Happenings in Gompers K8 Community......

Gompers Bulletin "parent news"

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