Modernism Digital Showcase

By:Kate Stahl Class period: 4a


Leading Artist: Salvador Dali

Date: 1924

Reason or Purpose: To look dreamlike and not like reality

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Dali, Salvador. 1931. Print.

Abstract Expression

Leading Artist: Jackson Poly

Date: 1940

Reason or Purpose: To express someone's/something's feelings in a picture

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Poly, Jackson. Print.

Pop Art

Leading Artist: Warhal

Date: The 1950's

Reason or purpose: Movement in the old days during war (ironic)/ Using popular objects in their art ex: soup cans, flags, cartoons and more.

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Warhol,. Print.

Op Art

Leading Artist: m.c. Escher

Date: 1964

Reason or Purpose: To create optical allusions and 3-D objects

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Escher, m.c. Print.