Road to Perseverance Newsletter

By Danielle Podpora

Perseverance would be defined to me as "never letting go on something that you have worked hard towards reaching!" As you keep reading you will find stories and text that relate to perseverance and how people kept achieving their goal!

Description of Dartanyon

Dartanyon went to high school and eventually gained enough money to go to college. He participated in the Olympics for judo. His goal besides becoming an Olympic participant was to win a medal, and that’s exactly what he did. He was a very combative young man. He was very determined to get a metal by his very close supporters. His very close friend that he considers his brother and his very close adult that he considers his mom were there to support him the whole way. He ended up winning a bronze medal and was very proud of himself that he accomplished his goal! He now has the courage to achieve any of his goals in life.
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This is a picture of Dartanyon with his bronze medal that he had won in the Olympics!

The difference and similarities between Lee Nalling and Leroy Sutton

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Problem and Solution about Tom Monaghan

Tom Monaghan suffered from bankruptcy and had to follow his dreams despite difficulties. His dream was to become a pizza owner and have his own business. Some of the solutions Tom came up with were learning how to work through his adversities to accomplish things, working hard to complete things that needed to be done, gaining help from other to fulfill the dream, being resilient to what others thought of him succeeding, and Following his dreams to open up a pizza business with the name of Dominoes.
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This is the logo that out of all Tom Monaghan's struggles that he accomplished his pizza business.

Causes and Effects of Lauren Hill

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Steps Paul Smith took in order to accomplish the dream!

Paul Smith loved to draw and paint! This is the basic steps he took in order to accomplish his dream of drawing. He was old enough to live in a retirement home. He was not capable of painting like anyone else because he had problems with his hands. He discovered a way to create art in a much simpilar way, without hurting his hands as much as well. That way was with the use of a typewriter. He used the number, letters, and symbols to create designs! He would than hang his art in the hallways of the retirement home for other to view and triumph.
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This is a picture of Paul Smith in the retirement home with the typewriter that made his dreams come true.

What I have learned from the perseverance of others in order to overcome adversity today

In concussion, I have learned that many of these people in this unit have taught a lesson. That lesson is to keep pushing forward to accomplish your goals or struggles in life. Each one of these people above have had an adversity and were able to achieve it by working hard and fighting, to make things better and right. They have all taught a very valuable lesson that will help people in their everyday life. This is what I have learned that will help me overcome adversity in today's world.