New England

Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut


  • Founded by John Winthrop, Thomas Dudley
  • Farming fishing and shipbuilding
  • Corporate and royal
  • Small population
  • Patuxet
  • Puritans

New Hampshire

  • Founded by John Mason
  • Agriculture and manufacturing
  • Corporate and royal
  • Big population
  • Abenaki and Pennacock and had no trouble
  • Puritans

Rhode Island

  • Founded by Roger Williams and 1636 who was banished from the Massachusetts colony for his advocacy of religious tolerance
  • Mixed farming and shipbuilding
  • Government corporate
  • Small population
  • Narragansett tribe
  • Religion none
  • Famous novelist Cormac McCarth and Civil War US Army officer Ambrose Burnside


  • Founded by Thomas Hooker and his followers for political and religious freedom after one disagreement with Massachusetts
  • Mixed farming
  • Government Corp. it
  • Middle and Dutch English populations
  • The Pequot Indians trouble with them and starting war
  • Religion Puritans