Collin Harris

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Population, Religion, Language

  • Vietnam had a 2014 estimate of 90,630,000
  • Vietnam has 3 major religious categories. 45.3% of the countries people practice indigenous religions. 16.4% practice Buddhism, and 8.2% of the population consists of Christianity.
  • The most prominent language in the country is Vietnamese.
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Government, Economy, and Education

  • Vietnam's government is considered a single party socialist republic
  • The president of Vietnam is the head of state, and the Prime Minister is the head of Federal/National government
  • The economy is mainly market based
  • It consists heavily of Agriculture, Fishing, Forestry, Energy plants, and mining
  • There are 4 levels of education. Preschool, Priamary school, High school, and College
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Geography and Climate

  • Vietnam has mainly Central highlands, Tropical forests, and coastal lowlands
  • The high lands have very dense forests
  • The southern part of the country is warmer, and the northern part is colder
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