The Class of 2012's Art and Technology Project is a Finalist

Rotoscope Animation on iPads

Every student in 5th grade last spring contributed images to a collaborative rotoscope animation project on iPads. They created an original video, converted the video to still images, then drew over each of the 335 still images on iPads. These digital drawings were sequenced back into an animated video. This technology and art project was documented for the McGraw-Hill STEMie (science, technology, engineering, & math) Awards in May as our entry into their contest awarding up to $15,000 to a single school. Our project was chosen as one of the 30 finalists in this national contest. All finalists need to gather community votes, one per person, until noon EST on September 19th. If we win this contest our hope is to purchase more iPads and apps to make these wonderful devices more accessible for student learning. Every student at Dryden will benefit if we win this contest so, please take a minute to vote and help our kids!

Mrs. Tricia Fuglestad

Dryden Elementary School

K-5 Art Teacher