Designing our Design LAB

2015-16: A Year of Learning, Making and Designing Together

Testing is Finally Finished

After what feels like months, we have finally finished all required academic testing. Please take time to thank Jessica Yox for all her hard work building and managing the testing schedule this year. We all know this is a thankless and very stressful job. Jessica has done a phenomenal job organizing testing this year. Thanks also to all of you who have proctored, covered classes, changed rooms, called parents, and filled in/supported testing in any way. While Jessica has led us in these efforts, I think we turned the corner as a staff when we agreed to treat the Winter NWEA Testing with the seriousness it required. That set the tone for all positive testing for the rest of the year. So a huge thanks to Jessica and thanks to all of you for helping as well.

The Final Full Week of Classes

As we are all aware, this is our final full week of classes. I'm certainly ready for a break just as I'm sure you are. We also know though, that our students still have so much to learn. Tests are over, and the last day of school is coming fast, but please, please plan to have a full week of learning in your class this week. Attendance is going to get very spotty, very fast. If learning isn't happening, students will not attend school this week. Let's agree to make it a positive week and finish strong.

Individual Meetings This Week

We will not be holding individual meetings this week. I will begin holding end of the year individual meetings with teachers to close out the year, and discuss next year. I will email you directly to plan those.

I will be visiting classes this week to check out the learning.

Robotics This Week:

This is the final Wednesday for Robotics. Students will be competing against each other in the Robotics competition. Come check out the course and the competition in the Maker Space all day Wednesday.

Testing is Over-but we have one final Administration of the Conditions For Learning Survey

CFL will happen this week-I'll send details on Monday. But please assume that you will be proctoring the CFL in your classes. Let's take this final survey of the year seriously and get good data about our students beliefs about our school.

NWEA Spring Data Information Due

Please remember to send me your NWEA Spring Data information by the time you leave on Tuesday.

200 Minutes This Week

Monday, May 16-Personal Planning Time

Tuesday, May 17-Advisory Planning

Wednesday, May 18-Project Project Planning for 2016-17

Thursday, May 19-Project Planning Session for 2016-17

You Can Make It Day-Unconfirmed

I haven't heard it officially yet, but I'm told that Tuesday this week will be a You Can Make It Day, and our students will be allowed to be out of uniform for free.

Report Card Timeline

  • Report Cards are open as of 5/13.
  • Teacher Grade Entry is to be completed by 11:59 PM on 5/25.
  • We will run average calculations on 5/26 between 7:30 and noon.
  • We will open the average column on 5/26 after the calculations are done, so teachers can make any needed changes. These changes are made between noon on 5/26 and 11:59 PM on 5/27.
  • Once the changes are made, Ms. Asberry will assign course credit and run the report cards.
  • We will mail home report cards the week of 5/31.