FPES Learning Commons

1st Nine Weeks Quarterly Report

Usage Trends

Circulation Statistics-Check outs per month

August 2018-715

September 2018-2026

October 2018-3293

Scheduled Classes 4K-2nd Grade 8:00am-10:45am Daily (Fixed Schedule)

Scheduled weekly visits include a read aloud and an accompanying lesson related to the

7 Habits of Highly Effective People or a lesson supporting classroom curriculum and/or the ELA standards followed by book checkout and Makerspace time permitting.

During the month of August, kindergarten thru 2nd grades focused primarily on the importance of being proactive (Habit 1-Being Proactive) and taking care of library books. We also reviewed the importance of being safe, respectful and responsible in the Learning Commons.

Kindergarten-Little White Owl by Tracey Corderoy and owl puppets (Habit 6-Seek First to Understand Then To Be Understood); Apple Life Cycle (Nonfiction Lesson); Makerspace Activities (Habit 5-Synergize and Habit 7-Sharpen the Saw)
1st Grade-Digital Citizenship (Computer Science Standard 2); Nonfiction vs. Fiction; Makerspace Activities (Habit 5-Synergize and Habit 7-Sharpen the Saw)
2nd Grade-Digital Citizenship (Computer Science Standard 2); Nonfiction vs. Fiction; Makerspace Activities (Habit 5-Synergize and Habit 7-Sharpen the Saw)

Kindergarten-Nonfiction books vs fiction books; Example-Pumpkins by Ken Robbins vs. The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin by Joe Troiano; Makerspace Activities
1st Grade-Cyberbullying (Computer Science Standard 2); Pet Monsters Unit; After read alouds, students worked on their own pet monsters independently and with partners. (Habit 6-Seek First to Understand Then to be Understood)
2nd Grade-Cyberbullying (Computer Science Standard 2); Nonfiction Text Features; Students participated in a scavenger hunt and worked as a team to create a Text Feature poster.

Class Visits 3rd-5th Grades (Flexible Schedule)

All third thru fifth grade classes came to the Learning Commons for a library orientation. In the orientation, I shared with students the expectations for visiting the Learning Commons independently and the importance of choosing Just Right books. Once their class completed the orientation, students received library cards and were able to start checking out library books.

Third, fourth and fifth grade classes had their first in a series of five Digital Citizenship lessons. The lesson focused on the three areas of being a good digital citizen-Being Safe, Being Responsible and Being Respectful. Fifth grade teachers scheduled the Westward Expansion scavenger hunt for their classes.

In supporting October's Anti-bullying initiative, a lesson on cyberbullying was taught to all third thru fifth grade classes. This was the second of the five Digital Citizenship lessons. Students learned the importance of recognizing the signs of cyberbullying and what to do if they feel that they are being being bullied on the internet. Fifth grade classes also came to the Learning Commons for the Industrial Revolution scavenger hunt.


GBE/Learning Commons

I will create a Digital Citizen unit of study for the fifth grade students that meets the Computer Science Standards and prepares students for safe and responsible behavior on the internet. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the fundamentals of digital citizenship and mastery of four digital literacy computer science standards in the areas of safety, being respectful and being responsible through creative instructional videos.

*The Digital Citizenship introduction and Cyberbullying lessons were taught during the first nine weeks. With the end in mind, I shared with students the final goal for the year...students will create an instructional video that promotes Digital Citizenship.


I will promote literacy in our school with reading programs each nine weeks and incentives throughout the year.

*Currently reading School Wide Book Events: How to Make Them Happen by Virginia Lawrence Ray.

*We promoted Read Your Way to the Big Game for the first nine weeks. Unfortunately, my Book Trailer Club was canceled due to lack of participants. I will begin working with my second grade students during the second nine weeks in creating book trailers for the SC Picture Book Nominees.


VIP Summer Reading

Students who participated in the public library summer reading program received VIP passes to the new book area along with extra book checkout coupons. At the end of last year, FPES received generous funding by the District Leadership Team to purchase new books for the library's aging collection. The new books were displayed in a special area designated specifically for students with summer reading VIP passes for the first week of school. Students loved being the first ones to check out the new books!

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#JustaChicken Author Visit

It was a jam-packed day with our guest authors! Students and teachers very much enjoyed our visit with #JustaChicken authors, Preston Thorne and Langston Moore. The authors came back that evening for a Family Literacy Night.

Guest Speakers

The fifth grade classes reserved the Learning Commons on two different occasions for guest speakers. The first speaker from Traveling Trunks, spoke with the fifth grade on Reconstruction following the Civil War. The second guest spoke with students regarding the importance of recycling. The presentations were very informative and students really enjoyed them.

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Read Your Way to the Big Game

All students were provided with the Read Your Way to the Big Game reading logs and the reading program was promoted on the morning news show. The program ran from September 24th thru November 2nd.


  • Students were very excited to visit the VIP Summer Reading New Book Area. We hope that this will build excitement and participation for next year's Summer Reading Program.
  • Students and teachers enjoyed our author visit from Langston Moore and Preston Thorne. The program was very interactive and many students asked when they could return. Ten 5th grade boys were chosen to have a special lunch with the Moore and Thorne. This gave the boys some one-on-one time with the authors. We had a good turnout for our Family Literacy Night.
  • Second grade students were very excited while working on the Text Feature Scavenger Hunt and teachers were equally excited that we were reviewing material that was being discussed in class.
  • Attending the Lucy Day training with the literacy coach and the 1st grade teachers was very helpful in planning my literacy centers for 1st grade related arts.