The New York Colony

Caleb Smith

Facts On The Colony :

  • Founded In 1664
  • The Colony was founded by and later named after James, The Duke of York
  • It was the 11th colony founded
  • It was originally called New Netherlands

Ethnic and Religion

  • The colony was very diverse, 50 percent of the population was Dutch the population also included European , and African decent people
  • The Colony held the highest slave rate of the northern states
  • Christianity and Catholic

Important Events

  • Jobs - manufacturing (ship building & iron works), trade ( cattle grain wheat fur)
  • Battle of Saratoga formed alliances with France
  • The Federalist Papers were published in New York newspapers to sway voters to accept the new constitution

Important people

  • James Duke of York - Founder
  • Peter Minuit- helped original settlement grow
  • Peter Stuyvesant- Dutch Governor of New Netherlands before surrendering to Duke of York

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