Artemis Fowl: The Last Guardian

Book By: Eoin Colfer ; Created By: Arnav Chopra


Eoin Colfer is an Irish author.He lives in Dublin with his wife and kids. He is fifty years old and plans to keep writing until he runs out of ideas.


I am a very avid reader. In the past year only, I have read around fifteen to sixteen books. Out of all of them, this one was by far the most captivating
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Artemis in his armor during the battle


"In his eighth, greatest and (billed as) final exploit, Artemis Fowl finally puts an end to archnemesis Opal Koboi while also saving humanity from extinction, but at a steep price. A fitting end to a brilliantly conceived and developed series."—Kirkus (starred reivew)

"Fans of Artemis Fowl will appreciate this eighth and final installment in the series. All the tongue in cheek humor and sarcastic wit and tone are present. Fairies aplenty abound, as does the mischief and mayhem that they bring. These books are written to be full of fun and adventure, and the Last Guardian succeeds. All the main characters play a part, which will satisfy fans."—VOYA

Artemis Fowl

As cunning as any criminal mastermind, fourteen-year-old Artemis Fowl has very pale skin and very dark hair. He keeps to himself, and trusts no one, not even his bodyguard Butler.

He possesses a very acute sense of observation, immediately noticing any mistake, no matter how miniscule.


This captivating book is one of the most interesting fiction books written since the beginning of time. Colfer's masterful writing creates a world as vivid as any Hogwarts, District 12, or galaxy far, far, away.

The Conflict

Artemis' enemy, Opal Koboi, has taken advantage of Artemis' last few escapades. She has brought her past self to the future, and now plans to violently murder her past self, depending on a fairy scientist's recent theory that instead of killing her, it would give her near-infinite power. She uses this power to open the Berserker's Gate, releasing an army of vengeful ghosts that possess any and all hosts within a certain radius.Then, Opal discovers a second gate, which will release an evil spirit that will eradicate any humans on the Earth

One Interesting Scene

There was one scene that grabbed my attention. I was at the climax, and Artemis had just used Opal's clone - which she used to escape jail - to seal the second gate once and for all.In the process, though, he killed all fairies within the radius.


I very highly recommend this book to anyone who likes books similar to The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, or Lord of the Rings. This book is a very intense action/romance fantasy, although there is very little romance.