CSD Weekly Update

Cambrian School District, WEEK #5, September 18. 2020

Dear Cambrian Families,

Thank you again for your relentless commitment to our district and for your collaborative efforts. We are officially entering Fall next week, and we are very much hoping to return to in-person instruction over the next few months. I sent an update a short while ago with a detailed timeline for a possible return. When possible, please take the time to read over the phased-in approach for returning students to campus.

We are so fortunate to have you and your family as a member of our community. You make a tremendous difference. Have a wonderful weekend. We are CAMBRIAN.

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The Cambrian School District has been in the process of assessing potential land redevelopment of district-owned properties as a new ongoing revenue stream to support our students, programs, and district. After evaluating multiple options, we identified the Metzler Elementary School at Cambrianna Drive as a promising opportunity to convert a portion of this site into an ongoing revenue stream. The proposed development matches and complements the character of the neighborhood.

The proposed housing development project for the Cambrian School district will generate ongoing revenue that will support CSD’s outstanding programs.

Please join Cambrian parents, teachers, and neighbors and click here to sign a letter of support asking the City of San Jose to approve the District’s general plan amendment application.

For more information about the Cambrian School District’s “Support Our Students” land development initiative, please check out our webpage or contact former Cambrian School District parent Eve Walton at SOSCambrianSchoolDistrict@gmail.com. Stay informed on the Initiative, please sign up for our mailing list by clicking here.

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Supporting Students with Face Coverings

Since wearing a mask is currently required when social distancing isn't possible, it is important to help children understand why we're wearing masks and to help them feel as comfortable as possible. Family members can validate their children’s emotions and normalize them by sharing, “It's frustrating that we have to wear masks,” or “I’m sad too that we have to do this.” Let your child know that even when their mouth is covered, their eyes still show, and people will be able to recognize them. You can further validate their emotions by sharing, "People can look at your eyes to know how you may be feeling - happy, sad, confused, or worried." To boost their spirits, you can show your child pictures of other children or superheroes wearing masks. In an effort to prepare students for wearing face coverings when returning to school we have found some tips to support this process.

Explain why it is important to wear a mask.

  • Explain germs and why we need to use masks in simple language that they can understand. An example phrase to share with your child could be, “Germs can go from our body to someone else’s body when we cough, sneeze, spit, or breath too close to someone else.”

  • Explain that face mask wearing is a rule right now. For example, “It’s a rule to wear shoes outside and for now, it’s a rule to wear a face mask when we go to visit the doctor."

Put your mask on first.

  • This will show your child it is safe to wear a mask by wearing yours, too.

  • Does your child want to put it on or does your child want help?

Offer choices.

  • Tell your child before putting on the mask.

  • If your child is having difficulty, find a safe place for your child to take breaks from
    wearing the mask.

Decorate the mask to make it more fun.

  • Let your child choose some stickers!

If the mask is uncomfortable, think of ways to help!

  • Add buttons to a headband or use ribbon to help keep the mask off your child’s

Practice wearing the mask at home.

  • Let your child put a mask on a favorite stuffed animal.

  • Put it on for short time periods to help your child get used to it.

For additional support and information click here.

Staying Connected through Technology

We want to do everything we can to help with your technology needs. Thanks for your partnership!

Participate in the Census---You count!

The Census is upon us, and requires every single person living in the United States to be counted once per decade. Participating in the Census ensures fair government representation, and the data collected will determine how billions in federal funds will be allocated among vital programs such as healthcare, education, and disaster recovery initiatives.

The deadline to respond to the 2020 Census is Oct. 31, 2020.

Visit the 2020census.gov or call 844-330-2020, today and be counted. Stand up and be counted!

Updated CSD Meals

Cambrian School District is offering free breakfast and lunch daily to anyone age 18 and younger. Brown bag meals will be available for pickup at Price Middle School, Monday through Friday, from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., providing breakfast and lunch for the following day. Weekend meals will also be provided on Fridays! You do not need to show any ID. Children do not need to be present to receive meals. Family members may walk up or drive up to receive meals.

Applications to apply for subsidized meal programs are available online at https://family.titank12.com. These applications not only provide access to much-needed benefits for our families; they also serve as a data point used to generate additional revenues we rely on as a District. For this reason, we encourage all of our families to complete the application process even if they may not elect to participate in the meal program. This will ensure we are maximizing our revenue opportunities which will allow us to continue offering excellent educational programs that make us Cambrian. We look forward to continuing to serve our students and provide an important home to school link for our students.

For more information about menus, nutrition, and the CSD food program, visit our website at https://www.cambriansd.org/domain/268.

Please contact the Food Services office at 408-559-0273 with any questions.

Distance Learning Program

As we are sure you know, distance learning can take some getting used to. We want to equip you with valuable resources. Please refer to our guidelines at Distance Learning/Virtual School Program Guidelines for Students and Parents/Guardians. On our District website (www.cambriansd.org), we have a section for the Virtual School Program and another for our Distance Learning program. Please consider consulting these pages for valuable resources pertaining to the Virtual School Program and the Distance Learning program.