By: Jay T

What it is.

Heterochromia is a hereditary "disease" which shouldn't be called a disease for it has no symptoms. This is where the eyes are two different colors. Which is one of the three variants. Nobody really discovered this condition. Someone had it and reported it to the doctor and they gave it a name. Born with it and self diagnosed. It is a Melanin issue which can also be passed down to offspring. Not sex related.

The Three Variants

-Heterochromia Iridium: The eyes are two separate, solid colors. Ex. One blue, one green.

-Central Heterochromia: The eyes are the same color but there is a golden "ring" around the pupils.

-Sectoral Heterochromia:The eyes are the same color but there is a splash of a different color in them.

More about it.

-No one really discovered it. Someone had it and doctors gave it a name.

-Melanin in the eyes become randomly spread and it is hereditary so there is a great chance that the parents can pass it down to their children.

-There are no symptoms so no treatment is needed.


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-My past knowledge which I don't remember where I learned it from.