Care for the Reproductive System

By: Josh Butcher

What are female and male exams.

mammograms(for breast cancer)- when your breasts are squeezed to see if you have any tumors in that area. (men and women need to get this test).Women need them

pap smear(see if the cervix is working properly)-is a medical test that helps doctors figure out if there are any problems with a girl's cervix(Females only need this test). Women should be 21 when they start getting these regularly. They should get them once every 3 years.

testicular exam(Testicular cancer)- male 15 and 35 should be tested for this. after a hot shower or bath. The scrotum (skin that covers the testicles) is most relaxed then, which makes it easier to examine the should do this for about once a month.

prostate exam(prostate cancer)- people ages 40 and 75 are most at risk. what they do is measure the protein levels to test for cancers.