Gordon Korman

Operation jackpot takes place in a rural town called Cedervill with the "The Man with the Plan" or Griffin Bing and his crew which normally has 5 people Savanna, Logan, Melissa, Amanda, and Ben, but this time it also has Daren and Victor.

In jackpot the town of Cedervill learns that there is a missing lottery ticket worth $30,000,000 that is about to expire. every one looks for it but the man with the plan and all of the other characters take it to the next level and search every body who bought a ticket on the day that the winning ticket was sold. They search all over town and don't find anything. On the day that the ticket is going to expire they find the ticket in a library van. Once they find the ticket the race is on and at the last second the get the ticket to the bank.

Mystery song 2