The Types of Family in Nigeria

Michelle Steffey

The Types of Families in Nigeria

There are two major family types, the nuclear family, that is made up of one man, the wife, their unmarried childern,and the extend family, which I usually made up of a series of nuclear famillies.The children are socialized with this arrangement in mind, and female children are consciously socialized to serve and be subordinate to males. 

Children of Nigeria

Nigerias children are fashionable and is a status symbol. Although  large families bring a greater economic burden, many families in the eastern part of NIgeria have ten or more childern.The national fertility rate was estimated 6.31 children per women in 1995. Infant mortality rate is 72.6 deaths per 1,000 live births due to the poor medical facilities and the poverty of most Nigerians. 



Nigeria Facts

Nigeria is a country located in the West Aferica. Nigeria covers a total area of 365,667 square miles. In 2011 they had a population of 167 million; it is the seventh-most largest country in the world. The president of nigeria is Goodluck Jonathan, and the Vice president is Namadi sambo. Nigeria's economy is the second largest in Africa. They also have the second largest stock exchange in Africa. The health care in Nigeria is very poor thats why they stay so sick.