Biggest Stories of 2015

Biggest Entertainment and Sports Stories of 2015

Golden State Warriors 22-0

This year was huge in basketball. With the up and coming star Steph Curry shocking the world with his incredible basketball skills he took his team to a 22-0 game winning streak destroying the previous record of 15-0 help by none other than the greatest of all time Michael Jordan.

Caitlyn Jenner Wins Women of the Year

Bruce Jenner a former star of the show "Keeping up with the Kardashians" preforms a sex change and wins the award of Women of the Year.
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The Creation of the newest Star Wars Movie

This year the newest star wars movie was released sending fans in a craze and projecting to make billions of dollars in sales.

Biggest Sports Stories of 2015

With the Carolina Panthers seemingly coming out of no where with a 7-8 game loosing season last year to a undefeated season this year and high prospect of the Superbowl winners this has shocked football fans everywhere. The Golden Stat Warriors following along in the path of the Panthers coming from the back of the pack in NBA teams with their leader Steph Curry winning the NBA Championship and crushing the record set by Michael Jordan of 15-0 by 7 games. Rumored to be as big of fight as Creed and Balboa Pacquoia and Mayweather had the fight of the decade.

New Year Resolution

Personal Improvement - I would like to get my grades up and prepare for college.

Family and friends - Be more respectful with my parents and be a better friend.

School and outside world - Similar to personal improvements i would like to get my grades and ACT score up to prepare my self better for college.