Fusion Jazz


Fusion jazz- started around the late 60's in the US

Fusion Jazz Musicians

- Scott Henderson

- Herbie Hancock

- Pat Metheny

- Larry Carlton

- Miles Davis

Well Known Fusion Artists

Pat Metheny

- Leader of the Pat Methany Group

- "What's It All About"

- Reinvented the traditional "jazz guitar" sound

Alfredo De Pietra

Last Train Home (Pat Metheny cover) by Alfredo De Pietra

Miles Davis

- Jazz musician, trumpeter, composer, bandleader

- Considered one of the most influential musicians of 20th century


03. La fusion de Miles Davis by Doottah.Beats

Scott Henderson

- Leading guitarist and composer

- Well known for his band, Tribal Tech

Goldflies Music

In memory of Scott Henderson - Runnin' the Line by Goldflies Music

Articles on fusion jazz

Events in 70-80's

- Elvis Presley died

- Bruce Jenner won a gold medal

- 1976- Olympics

- Vietnam War

- President Nixon resigned

- Gas shortages

- Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak built first Apple computer

- Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth's record

- OJ Simpson broke Jim Brown's single reason rushing record

fun fact: the word "rad" came into play at this time

Fusion jazz today

late 80's-