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Find out how the earth works the way it does and why.

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Online learning is a wonderful way to study, but it requires that you stay on pace. The pace is brisk and the best way to keep up is never to fall behind. Check out the very first lesson to find out how to take best advantage of the way online courses work. You will learn everything online that you can learn in a face to face classroom. We have the same high standards, and you earn the same credits.

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You should plan to devote at the very least, two hours a day to this course. Your work will be graded promptly (usually within 24 hours) and your scores will be available to you online. I will contact you at least once a week and you may contact me as often as you wish, every day is fine with me. Please phone or text or use the Black Board Message feature. I am here to help you. Welcome!

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